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Duuude your not in cali anymore damn
uswntandshit uswntandshit Said:

I wake up every morning angry about this.. Some day I’ll live there!

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Can we be friends? I dig your style and think you'd be fun to shop with and drink beer with!
uswntandshit uswntandshit Said:

Hahaha yes I will meet you at MOA with beer in hand haha

Now taking applications for new friends. Mine are not that tight of people. Apply within my ask box

Hey random question but where do you normally shop for clothes? I stalked your pictures (no regrets) and I love your style! I'm in desperate need for a total makeover so any good places you think to get clothes at would be a massive help. Thanks!
uswntandshit uswntandshit Said:

Haha thanks! Finding good fitting, reasonably priced clothes are a pain in my ass! I usually shop the mens section at like, h&m, urban outfitters, sometimes target has some decent stuff on the classier side haha, even like jc penny’s, tj maxx, and places like that will have decent clothes but it’s always kinda hit or miss! Good luck!


so when are we gonna stop pretending beer tastes good

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Where are all you followers coming from?!

Good day.

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Dude 😍 you do look like Ashlyn Harris .you even got the dimple thing going on 😘😅
uswntandshit uswntandshit Said:

Haha well it’s quite the compliment so thank you!

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i thought you are ashlyn harris for a while... fuckkkkk me.
uswntandshit uswntandshit Said:

Haha I don’t know how so many people think this!

Wedding season.

Ah! Cutie!
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ahhhhh, thanks!